Sabancaya – exciting active volcano in Southern Peru

The Nevado Sabancaya, one of the most rugged of the high active volcanos, is about 5.976 meters high and has two peaks: an active oval crater of approximately 400 m diameter and a smaller elevation about 20 minutes South.
Having been a regularly active volcano - eruptions taking place exactly every 3 hours - I was most impressed by its view already back in 1994. Due to lack of water we did not make it to its peak on our first try to climb it. Instead we had to return to the Hazienda Sallali and then back to Arequipa.
After better preparations I turned back two years later, when with two friends I could climb all the way to the peaks and we hiked around its impressive crater (in May 1996). We were lucky to experience a small eruption while resting on the higher, inactive peak. At that time the eruptions still took place exactly every 3 hours, and often they consisted of pure vapor, while sometimes they contained dark ash or even rocks, making for very exciting motives for the photographers. You may expect a few first-class photos here soon, as well as more general information about this majestic mountain between the Nevado Ampato (where Miguel Zarate found the momia Juanita in Oct. 1995) and the all white Hualca Hualca, throne of the ancient Inca Gods.
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